Financial Sector

Charter Council

Guidance Note 804

Access to financial services element - (Short-Term Insurers)


This document outlines the Target Market andStandards for the Access products to be developed by the Short-Term Insurance Industry under it’s commitments in terms of the Financial Sector Code gazetted on the 26 November 2012 (gazette number 359154).

In order for products to be classified as Appropriate Products and to be included for measurement and scoring purposes, they must meet all the standards set-out in this document, except where the Charter Council has agreed that products may be deemed to be Appropriate Products.

Objectives of this Guidance Note

The objectives of this Guidance Note are to:

2.1 Specify the products and target market for short term insurance access
2.2 Specify the measurement principlesfor qualifying products
2.3 Specify the scorecard for measuring access for the Short-term Insurance industry
2.4 Specify the minimum access product standards

For further information you can download the full document.