Eligibility as an Exempted Micro-Enterprise
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4.1             Any enterprise with an annual total revenue of R5 million or less qualifies as an Exempted Micro-Enterprise.

4.2             Exempted Micro-Enterprises are deemed to have B-BBEE Status of "Level Four Contributor" having a B-BBEE procurement recognition of 100% under paragraph 8.2.

4.3             Despite paragraph 4.2, an Exempted Micro-Enterprise qualifies for a promotion to a B-BBEE Status of "Level Three Contributor" having a B-BBEE procurement recognition of 110% under paragraph 8.2 if it has direct black or black woman ownership (without any Equity Equivalents) in excess of 50%.

4.4             Exempted Micro-Enterprises are allowed to be measured in terms of the QSFI scorecard should they wish to maximise their points and move to the next procurement recognition level.

4.5             Sufficient evidence of qualification as an Exempted Micro-Enterprise is an auditor's certificate or similar certificate issued by an accounting officer or verification agency.

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